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Video Review Money Scan x2

Video Review Money Scan x2

dic 17, 2010


An extraordinary application! it will give you the possibility of having always with you a working and practical way to determine counterfeit bills, so you will never get cheated off your money!
Money Scan x2 works on every devices and is able to determine the aunthenticity of every bill.

Money Scan x2 at its modest price offers you an application that would be otherwise sold at a highest price with professional money revelators.

Fast and easy to use, effective even in places with low light, in a blink of an eye you will be able to scan your bills.

Double the power
Brightness lights
Brightness luminosity
Buttons with sound
Reveals any type of bill
Works with every devices
Compatible with iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4G -iOS 4
Graphic compatible with Retina Display

Use Money Scan x2 even in your shop/store, simply by keeping the application in Lock Screen, and with just a touch you will be able to access it right away.

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